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Great listen

I like the episode with Souleyemane it open my eyes on how I should go about investing in stocks and crypto.

Informative and inclusive

Not only is this podcast educational and informative, but it is also an easy listen. You don’t get mired down in technical jargon - Jared keeps the conversation flowing and appropriate for all levels of listeners, which speaks to both his technical and educational backgrounds.

Very Informative!

The podcasts are enlighten and full of great knowledge especially when it comes to running and owning a business.


I had Jared for a couple classes my last semester at Delgado. I listen to his podcast at work sometimes and enjoy them! Great work!

Loving the show

A great podcast to promote excellent professionals and highlight their accomplishments.

Loved This!

Not only was it informative and relatable but also humorous and upbeat at times. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to listen more.

Very informative!

The Lagniappe Legends podcast is an overall informative and well thought out review of a variety of topics. The podcast takes on a different aspect of podcasts by conducting real time interviews of those in the field! I have really enjoyed the realistic approaches that have been provided as to what to expect and qualifications to aid you in your success!

An Informative Program

I think this is an informative podcast. It tells us about information security and systems that provide protection to system servers. I am compelled by these interviews and other things.

I watch episode 20

I like the sites and how nice the interviews was. So far I have listen to two and I really enjoyed.

Lagniappe Legends Podcast Review

This is a great podcast. It is very informative and current. Very well produced as well.

Great podcast!

Great podcast! I love the information

Great Tech News & Informative

Great show with informative tech news and Interviews. Love the format and the hip hop feel. Highly recommend!!!!

Cool Tech Show!

I love how the LagniappeTech gives quick and informative Tech news. Love the hip Hop beats too. Lol! Hi There! Great Show for People who are not TECH KNOWLEDGEABLE!!! LOVE The MUSIC, TOO!!!

Nice and Informative Tech show

The Lagniappetech gives great info of what’s going on in the tech world. His app of day segment opens mind to apps I have never heard of but I have start using and some I use everyday now.